Enable users to manage their notification preferences & control delivery channels

When creating a notification, you can send in a category. They help with

Controlling Delivery Channels

By default, notifications are delivered to the channels enabled for the project. However, if you'd like notifications of a specific category to be delivered to fewer channels, we can enable that for you. Please write to us.

For example, in a Google docs-like application, you may send the 'page updated' notification only in-app, not via email or mobile push. To accomplish this in MagicBell, you can use the category update and write to us to disable email and mobile-push channels for this category.

End-user notification preference management

Notification preferences for a user are set per category. For example, in the screenshot below, the preference labels are derived from two categories - new_comment, and new_message:

If you build a custom UI or integrate these preferences into your existing settings screen, you can use the notification preferences API endpoint.

Coming Soon

Shortly, categories are going to enable you to

  • Drill down into analytics
  • Select templates